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please fill in the form below for any of these 

1. Order enquiry - if you're enquiring about placing an order please give me as much detail as possible (number of cushions, sizes, and what colours you're looking for) or a brief detail of what type of product you're looking for. 

2. Refunds and Exchanges - if you're enquiring about a recent purchase and are wanting to know about refund and exchanges - please visit my refunds and exchanges section on my page for more info and my policy.

3. Order update - if you're wanting an update on you're order, please make sure you have waited the lead time stated at checkout (currently 3-6 working weeks) before sending an email. We do our best to get products out quicker than this if possible. If your order is still within the lead time then please be patient as we will be working to get it out as quickly as possible. If your order has exceeded the lead time, please fill in the form below so we can resolve that situation. 

4. "I have received a dispatch notification but haven't received my items" please allow 5-7 working days from this initial message for your products to arrive. This allows couriers to pick up the parcels from my studio and get your parcels to you as quick as they can do. If the time has exceeded the 5-7 working days after your notification then please fill in the form below with your order no and/or full name.